Chie (チエ, ちえ pronounced chee-eh) is a Japanese feminine given name.

Possible writings

The name Chie can be written multiple ways depending on the kanji used. It can also be written using hiragana or katakana. Some possible ways to write Chie include:

  • 智恵, "wisdom, blessing"
  • 千絵, "thousand, pictures"
  • 千枝, "thousand, branches"
  • 千恵, "thousand, blessings"
  • 知恵, "wisdom, blessing"
  • 智栄, "wisdom, prosperous"
  • 茅江, "miscanthus, estuary"
  • 致依, "cause, do, reliable"
  • 稚慧, "young, wise"
  • 地絵, "ground, earth, picture"
  • 知映, "knowledge, shine"
  • 治映, "govern, shine"
  • 千映, "thousand, shine"
  • 千栄, "thousand, prosperous"


Those with the name Chie include:

  • Chie Kajiura (チエ・カジウラ), Japanese singer
  • Chie Kōjiro (神代知衣, born 1960), Japanese voice actress
  • Chie Mukai (向井千恵, born 1953), Japanese composer and improv musician
  • Chie Nakamura (中村千絵, born 1979), Japanese voice actress
  • Chie Nakane (中根千枝), author and anthropologist
  • Chie Sakuma (born 1972), Olympic ice hockey player
  • Chie Sawaguchi (沢口千恵, born 1975), also known as Chie Ishibashi, a Japanese voice actress
  • Chie Shinohara (篠原千絵), Japanese manga artist
  • Chie Tanabe (田邊智恵, born 1971), Japanese stuntwoman
  • Chie Tanaka (田中千絵, born 1981), Japanese model and actress
  • Chie Tsuji (辻知恵, born 1969), Japanese volleyball player
  • Chie Yamayoshi, Los Angeles-based Japanese videogame artist and filmmaker