they came from the land called enchanted. a movement of chaos
and honesty. they push for an educated public mass. they play for
peace, sex, freedom in the minds of the children, power in the hands
of the people, a world filled with love. they play for others, for
themselves, and they “...believe in a better way.” -ben harper

bass, vocals
from the first screams of the push his ears have been filled with his
mother’s song. the unadulterated beauty is what he lives for.
simplicity and peace are his brand,though he is quite the cynical
type. the strings have been with him since 14, though the thicks are a
new discovery. anything but professional. not one you’d call experienced. but
true to his mates, and true to the music. a passionate asshole, and
gay every third tuesday of every other leap-year.

Austin Vidonn
initiated into life in one of the highest arid regions of north
america. movement is his outlet and expression. an early champion in
sports created his life of discipline and drive for personal growth.
the beat that runs in his veins is that of medicine and music.
consistently searching for the most correct directional flow. a smooth
metronome of afro-cuban and modern beats.

Cody Burch
lead guitar, vocals
music has always been his drive. an old soul yet always the youngest
of the group. He’s walked through fire and smoke. sorrow and grief
were been his boat to the rocky mountains, yet there he found a new
light; chumffoe. now his drive, as it once was, is to take over the
world through music. to change the course of the humanity through
heavy electronic tones and sweet enrapturing melodies.

Brody Pringle
rhythm guitar, vocals
no one knows where he came from. few know where he’s been. the gods
bless him and curse him with each passing moment. on an ever mounting
quest through his mind in search for answers. because he believes,
“the truth is out there. do do do do dooo dooooo...” -the x files [+]
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