The Best of Both Worlds Collection features some of the best handmade premium cigars from both Honduras and the Dominican Republic – 2 of the most popular tobacco nations in the world. You’ll get 10 smooth, rich, and peppery Cuban-style Maria Mancini Magic Mountain cigars from Honduras and 10 Selección Junior Varsity Cigars by Robert Caldwell from the Dominican Republic including 2 spicy, dark, and flavorful Murcias, 4 robust, spicy-sweet, and leathery Gibraltar, and 4 pigtail-capped, sweet, zesty, and creamy Sevillana. This is the perfect opportunity to try the best of both worlds at a price you may never see again. Each sampler includes:10 Maria Mancini Magic Mountain • 6.00 x 5410 Calwell Selección Junior Varsity Cigars • Assorted [+]