Citywire is a London-based financial publishing and information group.[3]

It provides news, information and insight for professional advisers and investors globally. It specialises in tracking the performance of fund managers. Such information provides a useful extra variable in investment decisions. Set up in 1999, Citywire is a private holdings company and currently has over 200 employees.[4]

Citywire also operates offices in Singapore (2012), Munich (2013) and New York (2014).[5][6][7]


Citywire was founded by business journalists from the Independent on Sunday and the Mail on Sunday in 1999. In 2001 Reuters took a stake in the company.[8][9] Alongside Reuters, Investor Clifford Gundle also holds a large stake in the company. Citywire fund manager performance data is widely used by private and professional investors in the UK and Europe. Citywire publishes a variety of magazines aimed at financial advisors and at asset management firms, together with daily business news.[10]

In the intervening period it has expanded from a few people in a single serviced office to an operation today with more than 200 people and offices in Munich, Hong Kong, Singapore, Milan and New York.

To date, there are currently 9 executive directors in the company.[2]



Citywire publishes an array of magazines which are targeted at the global intermediated asset management industry. This refers to professional fund investors (intermediaries) such as financial advisers, stockbrokers, wealth managers and private bankers.

Those in the intermediary asset management industry are in the business of choosing funds on behalf of their clients- individuals and families- looking to grow or preserve their wealth over the medium to long term. It is these professional investors who read the news and commentary published on Citywire's magazines, apps and websites.

The company first published its magazines in 2003, but has moved into weekly and international magazines. The company's biggest magazine is the New Model Advisor.

New Model Adviser

New Model Adviser is a magazine that is solely dedicated to providing information to financial advisers. As of 2014, The magazine had a circulation of roughly 6000 per issue.[10] The magazine also offered an annual award for those in the financial services industry.[2][2]

Citywire Wealth Manager

Wealth Manager is for investment advisers, wealth managers and stockbrokers whose main focus is choosing the right investments for their clients. The same editorial team also produces the weekly Wealth Manager magazine.

Citywire Global

Citywire Global is the publication and website of choice for leading investors and fund selectors.


Citywire holds around 50 events a year in multiple countries, which brings together professional investors and asset managers in venues ranging from Miami to Berlin and Bangkok.

The format for these events consists of taking between 10 and 30 managers who present to investors and asset managers in small groups, usually six or less. Over two or three days industry professionals get to see a variety of managers running different classes. Some are big, familiar names and others smaller boutiques.

Between sessions there are also external speakers who present their views on anything from the global economic outlook to the future of the trade business.

The events are free of charge but only open to qualified investors, wealth managers and advisers by personal selection from Citywire.

Fund Manager Ratings

Citywire offers professionals in the business of fund buying a totally objective, analytical and unbiased way to choose investments.

The service tracks the manager, not the fund, looking at how they've performed across all the funds they've run, wherever they've run them over the past three years.

The methodology is purely quantitative, rewarding managers for superior risk-adjusted returns. The service judges fund managers on performance relative to a benchmark on the funds they run. Citywire chooses the benchmark, just in case the asset management group has chosen one it believes is not robust enough.

This is an impartial service and nobody can pay Citywire to rate a manager. Citywire rates all eligible managers (around 13,000 active managers in 35 countries around the world) and only gets paid if an asset management group wants to use their rating in advertisements or marketing materials.


Citywire hosts awards for fund managers in the financial services industry. The basis of the awards is strictly mathematical, with no human verdict.[2]


The publisher holds around a year in 16 different countries, bringing together professional investors and asset managers in venues ranging from Miami to Berlin and Bangkok.

The journalist team numbers more than 30, making it one of the biggest in the industry.

The group also has a 25-strong audience development team whose job is to get as close as possible to asset management communities around the world.

Citywire's unique, proprietary fund manager database contains performance history on more than 11,800 active managers selling funds registered for sale across the globe.