Cloud Chaser Cotes de Provence Rose

From the sun-drenched vineyards of Provence, Cloud Chaser is a classic elegant, dry, and highly drinkable AOC Cotes de Provence Rose, crafted at our award-winning winery, established in 1923 in the beautiful Var department. With its gorgeous coral hue, dry and refreshing palate, and delicate structure, Cloud Chaser is richly evocative of its Southern French roots the luxury and excitement of Monaco and the Grand Prix, the beaches and harbors of St-Tropez and Nice, and the stunning medieval hilltop towns dotting the countryside. Above, the “Mistral winds render the skies a brilliant, cloudless blue, inspiring our name! Like the best Cotes de Provence Roses, Cloud Chaser is the perfect summer wine, but its charm and complexity make it a Rose for all seasons. [+]