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Colleen Francis

Colleen Francis is a sultry singer-songwriter born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. She began songwriting at the young age of seven. As she describes, “There wasn’t much to do in my neighborhood, so I made my closet into a vocal booth and wrote music in my bedroom all day.” In high school she ran a songwriters group where she grew to love collaboration and performing. At 18, she moved to Nashville where she cofounded alt. rock band, Scarlett Seven, with Lori Lee (of Solstice). When the band unexpectedly split after their first album, Colleen went looking for a more retro, soulful sound and teamed up with soul/funk fusion band, Dynamo, and producer Harold Elie. In 2015, she released her debut solo album, Golden Cage and hit the road to Dallas. Now, after years of collaborating with bands like Scarlett Seven and Dynamo, Colleen is stripping down the production and getting to the heart of her songs. In her performances, her magnetic vocals pull you in and out of verses about love, desire, heartbreak, and growing up. The change of heart comes down to what Colleen says, “As I grow up, so does my music.” So in 2016, Colleen is peeling back the curtain, and revealing her inner songwriter, no smoke and mirrors, just a passionate girl with a message. [+]