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Color Tab

Produced by Minneapolis stalwart John Munson (Semisonic, Trip Shakespeare, The Twilight Hours) and recorded and mixed by Jacques Wait (Soviettes, Beatifics, Pink Mink), the rock trio plays post pop, alt rock.

Color Tab is a Minneapolis band. Their first record is called We Miss The 90's, and their music shows that they do indeed. Infusing 90’s influences like Weezer, Blink 182, and Semisonic with some of the 60's bands that influenced their influences, like The Beatles and The Zombies, the band has crafted a high energy and fun dose of rock.

The band first formed up in middle school, and slowly evolved into its current shape, a classic rock trio. They can play and sing live, making a most righteous noise. The music punches and shakes.

The songs are heavy on melody, groove, teen-aged angst and longing. The boys can sing, and the boys can harmonize. But mostly they love rocking out, having fun, checking their phones, and making new fans.

They are fresh and young, a delightful green uncontaminated by bad attitudes, because they haven't been singed by the fires of the rock machine though they long to be.

Listen loud.
“We Miss The 90’s.” [+]