Columbine may refer to:


  • Aquilegia, the genus of flowering plants known by the common name columbine, from which the other places and things called columbine take their names.

Places and events

Art and entertainment

  • Columbine (book), the 2009 Edgar-Award winning bestseller about the massacre
  • Bowling for Columbine, a 2002 film exploring the 1999 massacre and other violent acts in the United States
  • Columbine (album), an album by Danish singer-songwriter Aura Dione
  • "Columbine", a painting by Max Beckmann 1950
  • Columbine, an upcoming 2012 miniseries based on the tragic events surrounding the deadly 1999 massacre as recounted in the 2009 book by Dave Cullen.[4]
  • Columbine (in Italian, Colombina) is a stock character in the Commedia dell'arte, Harlequin's mistress



  • Stiboges nymphidia, a metalmark butterfly commonly known as the Columbine
  • Columbine, a racehorse, competitor in two Grand Nationals, finishing fifth in the 1842 Grand National
  • columbine, an adjective related to the Dove