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Cooly T aka C.T. Rider, born in Indianapolis, Indiana started rapping at the age of twelve and wrote his first song in art class called "Ruthless Villain". He recorded in a garage with two turn tables, keyboard and a tape recorder. At the age of fourteen he did his first performance in Muncie, Indiana at a venue that he rented out. Other performances were in Anderson and Indianapolis, Indiana. From there started performing in local clubs in Grand Rapids, MI, which is also his second home. With father side in Indianapolis and mothers side in Grand Rapids, he was back and forth each year. Growing up in the Mid-West presented its challenges do to gang and street life activities, and the temptation of "keeping it real" for so called "Friends" in the hood, while still finding time to Write and record his first love, "Music". In the mean time things are starting to escalate in his Neighborhood, to the point he was set up, and home was invaded by people with guns, while inside with his oldest son , who was a baby at the time. After getting out of that situation, he heard of Full Sail Recording Arts School in Orlando, Fl that he was interested in. Once his mother seen were her son wanted to go, she signed him up. Because nothing was better than getting her son out the city and away from the reoccurring drama. Once in school and in the beautiful New State of Florida, a few things he started to realize 1. money is tight 2. jobs not paying much 3. He's more of a Rapper/Writer then dealing with the technical side of the Audio/Video field. So he left, but he didn't stop there!!! He went on to doing thousands of shows across the state of Florida, you name it. From Daytona Beach Bethune Cookman College, to Ybor City in Tampa, down to Miami, back up towards Tallahassee and every big stage, club, hole in the wall open Mic he could find, he was there. Releasing thousands of underground CD's to the streets and club venues for sale, it was good, but not good enough, so hustling started to make ends meet. After years of this and thinking about the safety of his kids, he was thinking of changing his life around. Hearing the music on the radio and his own music, realized it couldn't be played for his kids and it bother him. Things slowed down from chasing the Record deal dream for many years, that in his spare time, started reading the Bible on and off. As time went on he decided to make a choice to roll with Christ. Soon as he did, he got a recording contract in the mail they wanted him to sign, a light bulb went off, thinking that tainted spirit trying to give him what he wanted. "A Record Deal" Turning it down is the hardest decision he had to do. Now knowing it would be the best one he could ever do. For more Info visit www.ComeUp4Life.com www.facebook.com/coolyt www.Twitter.com/coolyt www.instagram.com/cooly_t FanMail CoolyTMusic@yahoo.com [+]
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