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    Corinne Olympios

    Corinne Olympios is an¬†-¬†aspiring¬†¬†known for being a contestant on¬†. She's an online¬†business owner hailing from¬†.¬†‚ÄČ‚ÄČ

    Interview with Corinne on The Bachelor.



    She has done¬†¬†for various agencies and is represented by¬†Metric Talent Management LA where she has committed to traveling between¬†,¬†, and¬†. She has been in¬†¬†for¬†¬†artists such as:¬†,¬†,¬†,¬†,¬†,¬†, and¬†.¬†‚ÄČ‚ÄČ


    She joined ¬†and¬†is considered the¬†¬†and¬†¬†on the¬†show. Many believe that she is only a part of the show to promote her image and star power in¬†.¬†‚ÄČ



    After graduation, where she was a dedicated¬†¬†enthusiast and¬†, she attended¬†¬†where she graduated in¬†.¬†‚ÄČ


    Early Life & Education

    She was born and raised in¬†. She has always wanted to be a¬†¬†growing up. She was a good student throughout High School, where she eventually got involved with the theatre program.¬†‚ÄČ


    After graduating she followed her passion for¬†¬†and became a versatile artist in her own right. She became part of¬†Metric Talent Management LA where she did print work modeling appearing in ad campaigns online such as Net Pinky, a website for lingerie and swim suits, Likerr clothing, CoverMale Underwear, and¬†.¬†As a model she got a chance to travel to¬†¬†¬†and¬†.¬†‚ÄČ‚ÄČ


    She has since become part of DDO Artists Agency. She has worked in several commercials and¬†¬†for mainstream artists such as¬†¬†,¬†,¬†,¬†,¬†,¬†, and¬†. She was also a part of the¬†¬†group date performance where she was noticed as being the only blonde on stage with the boy-band.¬†‚ÄČ‚ÄČ


    She became an¬†¬†owner no one thus far has any idea what the name is as she hasn't revealed the details as of yet. She has said that her entrepreneurship ventures allows her to travel anywhere.¬†‚ÄČ


    On August, 2016, it was revealed by¬†¬†that Corinne would be a part of ¬†of The Bachelor.¬†¬†She is considered the antagonist on the show after it was reported that she took off her top during a conversation with Nick - the main character and the bachelor.¬†‚ÄČ



    She states that  is one of her favorite shows and a guilty pleasure. 


    If there was an animal she would be, it would be a . 


    She used to have tattoos, and has removed it through laser treatment.