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Counterpoint Culture

This is a band of music lovers, who have all been playing and performing in San Diego for years. The vocalist, Cameron, and drummer Carlson, are both from Wilmington, North Carolina, and have been friends since they were six years old. They had a band in middle school, which ultimately got them suspended, for singing some swear words in a school talent show. Later on, they both moved to San Diego, for college. Carl went to UCSD, while Cameron was at USD- where, in a music class, he met Andrew- guitarist, who is from San Diego. Back then, Carlson was playing with a different band, called On the Line. Andrew at the time was playing in a band called “Pivotal Motion”, with our bassist, Dylan. The two have now been playing for four years together, and they have become musical family, moving from Pivotal Motion, to ArvoSoul, and now Counterpoint Culture. At this point, Andrew, Dylan, and Carlson have been playing together since ArvoSoul’s inception in March of 2010. ArvoSoul performed all over San Diego, at venues such as: Soma, UCSD, The Office, Bar Dynamite, Chateau Orleans, Canes, the Onyx, and the Stage. In 2011, the band was reborn with the addition of Cameron Pappas, a vocalist, who really sparked the creativity that burns on. Since all four were friends before ever playing music together, it makes sense that they jive together seamlessly. They love writing, performing, and playing all types of music, which is obvious during their high-energy live sets. [+]