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Coyote Talk

Under the blanket of a summer heat wave, the first mumblings of the first Coyote Talk songs were scratched onto the bent pages of a drugstore notebook. In those early moments there was no grand vision, no future plans, no audience; there was only a young man with a handful of meager stories to tell.

Raised in a part of the Mid-West where the last lines of Chicago’s urban landscape marry the first rows of Indiana’s cornfields, Joshua Frigo was brought up not as an outsider, but an “inbetweener.” Such ideas found their way into the music of Coyote Talk, ideas of place and time and people and journeys:

"I was born of no man’s land

Wild, young, and free

But I’ve seen her face and felt her grace

And that’s where I want to be"

Slowly, the ideas began to multiply and one song turned to two, two to four, and four into the possibilities of a life spent making music.

The next year was spent in between couches, floors, sleeping bags, cars, conversations, drinks, and stories. Eventually both Joshua and the music found a home in Nashville, TN where Coyote Talk’s Americana/Indie-Rock sounds are familiar yet modern and thrilling.

With the release of the debut album “Sister,” Coyote Talk is now in between the moments of what promises to be an exciting journey. Keep listening. [+]