Cream of the Crop: Sour Turbo Diesel

This naughty girl leaves all men gagging for more. Her bud is sticky due to copious resin production and her Sour Diesel side adds a mouth-watering tang to the devastating Black Domina high. Perfect for S.O.G grows, this compact, powerful plant has a good Calyx/Leaf ratio and begs for won۪t be able to take your eyes off her! Truly infectious, this sexy female knows the best way into a man۪s heart... THROUGH HIS LUNGS!!!! Genetics: Sour Diesel X Black Domina Genotype: Mainly Indica                 Suitable for: Indoor/Outdoor Yield: Approx 450g/m2 indoor & 550g/m2 outdoor Flowering Time: Approx 60 days Mould/Pest resistance: Medium THC: 18% [+]