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Crowd the Airwaves

Rock And Roll and Whiskey Sours have some stuff in common: they’re both classic, time-tested, and well-loved formulae that are constantly being reinvented with fresh references.

The music of Crowd the Airwaves is that, too.

Hailing from the Outer Boroughs of New York City, the melodic punk-rock power trio brings a fresh but take-no-prisoners mixture of classic rock, punk, and modern alternative grit to a scene that has been described by many as “defanged.” Guitar-driven riffs and melodies complement radio-ready vocal stylings while colliding into a hard-hitting rhythm section. If Crowd the Airwaves were a Whiskey Sour, the whiskey would be the raw, unabashed power of The Runaways; the sour mix, a healthy dose of Cities-era Anberlin; the ice as the cool rush of the Foo Fighters; and garnished with a lime of the catchy pop-rock of Fleetwood Mac.

Crowd the Airwaves balances pop sensibility with uninhibited bite, just like a good drink: strong and sweet up front, and feeling it later. [+]