Cruda is a band that comes straight from the streets of La Colonia. An area of Oxnard that is known for its gang violence, and community of migrant farm workers. Their music is fueled by the injustice realities that we all face on a daily basis, and the motivation to make an impact through the message in the music. Translated Cruda means raw, which is the perfect word to describe Cruda’s sound, a raw mixture of different elements blended together through the diverse minds of five individuals. Delivering a mixture of metallic harmony with a touch of reggae atmosphere, and topped with a distorted crunch, is Chuy and Rezon. Both working and ticking as one, complementing each other beautifully. Pounding out the heavy rhythms with vicious aggression, and mathematical funk, is Adrian. Bringing the dark grooves and aggressive funk, and delivering a thump, on five strings, is Javier. Topping it off with razor sharp screams and melodic flows covered in lyrical diversity is Chris. Over the years Cruda's lineup has changed and there sound continues to develop. They have established themselves as one of the premiere underground bands in Ventura County. Playing along side such acts as Brujeria, Molotov, Ankla, and Aztlan Underground. Together Cruda delivers a sound unlike anything else, they thrive to be different and to make a difference. Cruda is the voice of the people and will always stay RAW, PURE, and TRUE! ...... ...... .. . [+]