CT Fletcher

Social media and YouTube phenomenon with more than 950,000 subscribers who watch his bodybuilding, weightlifting and fitness motivation videos on the channel CT Fletcher Motivation, initially called CTTheTrainer. He was working as a gas station attendant, pumping gas, when he was twelve years old. He joined the US Army when he was 18 years old and was stationed in Germany where he became interested in martial arts. Upon returning the US from Army duty, he worked for the US Postal Service. He is a competitive powerlifter who has won 3 world "drug free" bench titles and 3 World Strict Curl titles. He overcame hypertension at age 42 and almost lost his life in 2005, and would have if it weren't for emergency cardiac surgery. He was raised with an older brother named Walt. He married his high school sweetheart with whom he had children, but their marriage ended in the 1990s. He later married a woman he met while working at the Postal Service and they would have seven children together. Kai Greene was featured in his YouTube video "I Command You To Grow Part 2." [+]