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CWB Absolute Wakeboard With Optima Bindings

Designed for those who want pop off the wake and love playing behind the boat comes the CWB Absolute Wakeboard with Optima Bindings. The Absolute boasts a 3 Stage Rocker helps give you that bigger pop while also retaining its smoothness and predictability. Designed with a big center spine, this helps displace the water on those impacts which eases the shock. There are 2 rows of 6 V-Shaped Mini Steps which help increase speed while also reducing drag so you don't lose the energy up on the wake. The reliable and comfortable CWB Optima bindings are also included in this package. These Optimas are easy to get into and super quick to lace up so you're not burning daylight getting situated. The Lycra Lined Molded Heel and Toe makes it easy to use so you just place your foot in and utilize the single lace. For a user friendly and skill progressing setup this is the one for you. [+]