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CWB Mode Wakeboard 2016

The CWB Mode Wakeboard was made for the intermediate to advanced level rider who wants a lot of pop off the wake and the rails to make it easier to jam in the park. If you're looking for immediate comfort when you hop on the board, you'll want the Mode. Built with a Continuous Rocker, this board offers easy tracking up the wake where the wide tip and tail come into play to give you tons of pop. A subtle bottom feature keeps the board speedy with four fins to help you track and land with predictability. Its Slight V-Tech in the tip and tail will soften the landings and the dual center spine makes this board forgiving and will give you soft landings, For the times you're eyeballing the park, simply remove the fins and you're ready to go. The CWB Mode is a fast, predictable and comfortable board to ride that will have you launching off the wake and owning the water. [+]