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Dalbello Aspect 80 Ski Boots 2016

The Dalbello Aspect 80 is a great boot for the beginner to mellow intermediate skier that has a medium width foot and leg shape. The Aspect 80 has a Hike/Ski Cuff that can be very easy for you to walk in as soon as you flip up the switch located on the rear spine of the cuff. Dura Grip Toes and Heels are made from sturdy rubber that will reduce your chances of slipping on rocks, snow, ice, or slippery restroom floors. The Aspect 80 is made with a Center Balanced Stance that has a more upright cuff that will provide you with a greater range of motion and more control over modern rockered skis. Dalbello uses a Contour 4 Shell Fit that has expanded the 4 most common areas for bootfitters to address. By having more room in the ankle, heel, navicular, and metatarsals your foot will work more efficiently to control your skis by using smaller muscles in your foot that will cause you less fatigue while you perfect your turns. The Supercomfort Liner in the Aspect 80 has padding in all of the right places to keep you supported and comfortable all day on the mountain. If you are a beginner with a medium width foot and leg shape that would like a boot that is easy to walk in, the Dalbello Aspect 80 will make a great match for you. [+]