Dalbello Avanti 85 IF Womens Ski Boots 2016

The new Dalbello Avanti 85 IF is a perfect boot for the strong intermediate to advanced skier who has a narrow forefoot and narrow leg shape. The new Instant Fit Liner is fully customizable in only a few minutes. A ski shop can heat the oven with a special oven for four minutes, and then place the boot on your foot. After only five minutes on your foot the liner will have molded to your foot shape. The Low Contour Women's Profile has a shorter cuff shape to accommodate the shorter, fuller leg shape of women. The Avanti 85 has an Anti-Torsion Frame that uses a firmer plastic on the sole of the boot to reduce twisting of the shell at high speeds, and make your skis more responsive. Dalbello uses a Contour 4 Shell for all of their performance boots. The Contour 4 Shell has the shell expanded in the four most common areas for bootfitters to stretch out. By having extra space in the navicular, metatarsals, and ankle and heel your foot will use the smaller muscles to take the strain off of the larger muscles for more efficient skiing. If you are a strong skier with a narrow foot and narrow leg shape looking for a boot that will be supportive and efficient for you to ski in, try a Dalbello Avanti 85 IF. [+]