Dalbello Blender ID Ski Boots 2016

The Blender ID from Dalbello is a perfect boot for progressive freestyle skiers that have a medium to wide foot and leg shape. The ID Liner in the Blender is fully customizable after spending 12 minutes in a special oven to heat it up. The Shock Absorbing System will cushion the blow from massive landings and rad tricks by having extra soft padding in the boot board, heel, and cuff. An Inverted toe buckle will not catch on rails to give you cleaner grinds and reduce the chances of you breaking buckles. Freestyle skiers love the Cabrio (Three Piece) Design because it is lightweight and a progressive flex that makes landing off axis easier, and gives you more control. If you are looking for a freestyle boot with all the bells and whistles that new schoolers love, the Dalbello Blender ID makes a great choice for you. [+]