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Dangerous Book for Men (book)


Finally, a book that teaches a man how to be a man, that harks back to a less sheltered and pampered age when, without the aid of technology, men had to use their military training and outdoor skills, and were prepared for any eventuality. "The Dangerous Book for Men" offers useful but often long-neglected skills and imparts wisdom gleaned from many sources. You can learn and relearn forgotten skills like how to light a fire in a downpour, set a broken limb or harvest food from the wild, among many other skills that a true adventurer cannot do without. Presented in an elegantly designed, but hardy, volume, "The Dangerous Book for Men" teaches the importance of self-reliance, common sense and background knowledge. With this book every man will be able to overcome whatever perils and difficulties he might encounter in the course of an adventurous life. [1]