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Passionately aggressive defines the Danny Switchblade sound. Guitar licks, drum kicks and driving bass accent it. Not what you think of when you think of Harlem, NY? Too damn bad!!!

The Harlem based collective that is Danny Switchblade wants everyone to know that "punk music is alive in Harlem". Fronted by lead vocalist Danny Switchblade, Aron (electric guitar), Kenji (bass), and Kiyoshi (drums) round out the punk quartet that has been causing a raucous throughout the NYC area as of late.

Switchblade is what happens when a hip-hop and rock influenced producer/songwriter/vocalist comes of age and meets up with a group of musicians that willingly play without limitations. In short these guys make music for the open-minded music enthusiast who is or wants to be "bad ass".

Through persistence, practice and the politics that come along with being a small fish in a big pond, Switchblade is in the midst of carving their niche in the NYC underground punk scene. With a live show that consists of original music written, produced, and conceptualized by Danny himself, the mission and goal is to leave it all on the stage each and every night.

Taking musical cues from predecessors like Black Sabbath, the Ramones, and Beastie Boys, Danny Switchblade appears on stage as stylish as NERD while articulating every lyric with the emotion of Tupac Shakur. In the summer of 2013, Danny Switchblade will continue to storm stages as they release the Reform School EP and offer it as a free download and special thank you to those who follow and rock out with them...ARE YOU REGISTERED FOR REFORM SCHOOL?!? [+]