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The Washington native band, Darkenside, formed in the Spring of 2014 and has quickly built a name around the Portland metal scene. Their Rock hard riffs, soaring guitar harmonies, and powerful in your face lyrics that anthems metal energy, have built them a strong fan base in a very small amount of time. Front man Ron Jones and drummer Kenny Nichols have been playing together for many years and were apart of Lylah Crying before it disbanded in 2011. In mid May 2014 Jones had written enough material to start Darkenside and shortly recruited bassist Jordan Lemire and Lead guitarist Sam Mills. With in 3 weeks they were prepared for the bands first performance, having highest ticket sells of the event Savage fest 3. Shortly after Darkenside participated in Gorilla Musics National Battle of the Bands placing in the top 3 bands across the nation. Darkenside has continude to captivate their crowd and build their fan base making there show attendance and ticket sales as impressive as the bands talent . Their first EP (From the Ashes), is quickly gaining speed and can be found on Youtube, ITunes and Pandora. We hope to see you at the shows! [+]