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Davidoff Cigarillos and Small Cigars Demi-Tasse · 4 × 25

This set of 10 travel-friendly packs of 10 (100 cigars total) features a 4 x 25 size that showcases an expertly selected long-filler blend of top-quality tobaccos from Brazil, Indonesia, and the Caribbean. Meticulously wrapped in a lush, medium-brown Sumatran leaf, the Davidoff Demi-Tasse cigar offers premium handmade style and mellow sophistication in a slim shape that displays the impeccable construction and balance for which the famed Davidoff name is known, while also providing the satisfaction of a longer-lasting cigar break. When shopping online for handmade cigars to store in your home humidor or to take along to share with fellow Davidoff cigar fans, be sure to consider the conveniently packaged Davidoff Demi-Tasse for a luxury smoke...even when smokers' time to enjoy is limited. [+]