This set of five travel-friendly packs of six cigars each (30 in all) features the Davidoff Classic Series Primeros Maduro, a 4.12 x 34 luxury handmade cigar in Petit Panetela size expertly crafted to consistently deliver the notes and nuances from this cigar's top-quality earthy, aromatic, and creamy Dominican tobacco blend. The Davidoff Classic Series Primeros cigar is finished with a dark and rich maduro Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf before being left to further age to showcase its subtle vanilla flavor gently accented with cedar spice. When buying cigars online to keep at home, take along, or share with fellow Davidoff cigar fans, Davidoff Classic Series Primeros Maduro 6-Packs are a popular choice for smokers looking for a refined and relaxing way to wind down with a sophisticated cigar from a highly regarded luxury cigar brand. [+]