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A band trio that brings a unique synergy when you see them live or in the studio. This band craves experimentation of groove and chaos. It all started in the days of LabRatz a hip-hop production trio that Genesis Ian was a part of.. At that time we we're working with artist such as Busta Rhymes, Spliff Star, Nate Dogg, Ty James, etc.. Genesis met Spliff Star's producer Maq Mozart which led them to collaborate together. A couple of months later Maq introduced Wutang Clan's drummer, DIon Nueble to work with Genesis Ian. Nueble had worked with many amazing artist such as Lauryn Hill, Red Man, Snoop, Game to name a few. At the time Genesis Ian was a solo artist so we had hired guns at every show we did on Hollywood's sunset strip, the only members that was a regular was Dion and Maq. Eventually Maq started other projects and just became Genesis's studio producer. Dion and Genesis continued to search for the right bassist for 2 years and finally discovered Toly Ramirez. Toly Ramirez was in a band called Los Tetas a Chilean Funk band formed in 1995. One of their album was recognized by a number of Latin artists as one of the best Latin-American funk works ever. After we had played our first show with Toly we knew he was the guy. Over the past two years we had developed a hybrid style in the genre of vintage rock, post punk / new wave and electronic music. Experimenting, collaborating, and producing in De5tro resulted a debut album titled "Around The World" planned to be release in the late summer of 2012. Redman will be featured on their first single titled "Karnivore".