Dead Aim Putters 2013 Standard Mallet Putter without Laser Module

The Dead Aim Putters Standard Putter without Laser Module has a unique site-line aiming system that positions the ball correctly under the chin and frames the ball to help visualize the line you want the ball to travel. In addition to the site-line aiming system, the Dead Aim Putter is the first USGA-approved putter to incorporate a detachable laser module that engrains the proper putting stroke and will reduce putts per round with golfers of all ability levels. Many PGA Tour players are using a laser system similar to Dead Aim to help produce a more consistent putting stroke. The patented sight-line technology in the Dead Aim Putter will not only get your eyes over the aim line every time (by matching the top line to the bottom line), it will also give you immediate feedback as to if your hands and body are in the correct position by keeping the dot in the dead center. [+]