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Dead Language

Up front we have Brian Ford, our incredibly gifted vocalist who--despite his ability to follow operatic lines of flight--never showcases his ability above what is appropriate for the song.
Guitarist Matt Wantland is a salty veteran of the rock world, having devoted ten years to writing, shaping, and performing around the globe with the hard-rock juggernaut 10 Years. His added experience motivates and highlights what is special about Dead Language.
Intuiting and complicating the moods evoked by the other players, Will Christ's guitar work engineers the secondary melodies that not only tie the songs together, but also fills in the gaps to smooth the icing on the cake.
Matt Mcallister's drumming embodies the antithesis of 'look at me' showcasing. His freakishly accurate, borderline computerized beats underscore the fundamental elements of the music that listeners expect and enjoy.
Laying down the foundation is Matt Ross, whose singular and distinctly aggressive bass playing (perfected with a stint in L.A. with TOOL bassist Paul D'amour) frees up the other players to intensify the compositions, rather than get grounded in reiterating the obvious [+]