Denario Pinot Noir 2012

One of Argentinas oldest family owned wineries and the first Patagonian wine producer founded in 1909. DENARIO is a century old coin that is still in use today. They are exchanged with our vineyard workers for bins of hand-harvested grapes. A unique tradition at Humberto Canale winery that symbolizes the fruit of our vineyard labor and our pioneering wine making history in Patagonia. Located at 39.2o, Southern latitude, wines coming from one of the worlds southernmost region. Its special climate, where nights are very cold and days intensely sunny, as well as its climatic amplitude, mainly during the 20 previous days to harvest are ideal factors for the development of fine grape varieties. All our fruit is estate grown, coming from old vines between 25 and 80 years old. Well drained limestone, without any physical barriers. No presence of stones or boulders on the surface with occasional presence of pebble stones improves the drainage capacity of the vineyards. Irrigation by gravity, using canal aquifers. The irrigation water is high quality and purity meltdown water sourced at the Andes mountains. [+]