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Destil Hostel

What is Destil:

Destil is the most innovative hostel in Tirana with a combination of
smart design and excellent service to maximize comfort for our guests.
It is a mix of simplicity and abstraction that you can experience in
different ways. Destil offers not only a different design style, but
also a new style of spending your time

Variety of functions:

The mix of functions that complement each other offers you the
possibility to interact in a social space. Activities that Destil
offers you are thought to fulfill your needs throughout the day with
24 h service. The variety of things to do in Destil is the key factor
for a wonderful experience

Comfort Design:

For Destil it’s important to go to the basics of design in its
interior & exterior spaces. The first thing you approach in Destil is
a garden full of vegetation and trees under which you can get the
chance to relax like in the yard of your house. The interior spaces is
composed by existing the living rooms, open to each other that
communicate with the bar so you can get full service everywhere you
are but also get the privacy you need. The qualitative and smart
furniture design provides the right comfort for our guests and has the
right flexibility to transform the space into a restaurant, cinema,
workplace etc

In Destil you can find:

Green Garden:

Destil is a house, where you sleep upstairs, and spend your time with
interesting people willing to socialize in different spots of the
building. The garden goes around the villa and gives you the feeling
that you are out of an urban location. The Garden has 3 different
functions: a place where you can drink a cup of coffee in the
entrance, restaurant in the side part and in the back yard the workplace

Coffee, drinks, snacks:

The bar can be used as: coffee shop, cocktail and drinks and aperitif
with variety of snacks for a lounge party evening


The workplace also can be used as a cinema, expo and presentation
space or conference room. In this area there is also the 2nd bar of
Destil and the kitchen


In Destil there are 27 beds spread in 4 rooms, two of which contain 5
beds, one has 8 and the other 9. Each room has the proper space for
our visitors to have privacy.
The facilities of each room are: comfortable bed, private locker,
private bathroom, laundry, plug -ins and private reading and light in
each bed

Common spaces:

Apart of the rooms Destil also offers a wide corridor where shoes
lockers are located, a balcony which is connected to one of the rooms
and a common veranda for our visitors

Hostel facilities:

The benefits of our hostel include also a rich menu of food and
drinks, variety of spaces and activities to hang out, good location in
a quiet neighborhood close to the main areas of the city.