DetikCom is an online news and article website based in Indonesia. DetikCom only has online edition and it relies on advertisements for its profit. While the website focuses on news, it also has many articles about other topics such as sport, automotive, food, health, etc. and they are divided by its own site.

As July 2014, detikCom was ranked 8th in Indonesia website popularity rank and 322nd in world rank, its total page view from every site division is approximately 16 million views per day. [2][3]

Since August 3, 2011 DetikCom has become a part of Trans Corp, one business unit of CT Corp.[4]


DetikCom was founded by Budiono Darsono (ex DeTik journalist), Yayan Sopyan (ex DeTik journalist), Abdul Rahman (ex Tempo Journalist), and Didi Nigrahadi. During New Order Era, many press have been banned by the government because at that time press was strictly monitored to follow government will in order to survive, DeTik and Tempo were one of the press that were banned. This ban made Budiono Darsono, Yayan Sopyan, and Abdul Rahman became jobless.

During 1997-1998 when internet was still new in Indonesia and it was limited to Jakarta, Abdul Rahman was the only one who knew the internet. Abdul later explained internet to his friends and its possibility,[5] which followed by four founders' decision to make a new way to publish news without periodization like normal newspaper. In order to get out from government surveillance, they made the website without legal permit which server was located in United States and they named it Detik. The concept idea of the name came from Budiono Darsono who wants to give recent news to people anytime without waiting until next day (Breaking news concept). "Detik" has same meaning as second in Indonesia language, so the concept was: publishing news every second online.[6]

During May 1998 Riot in Jakarta, DetikCom was brave enough to broadcast about the outcome and the presumption for the aftermath while none of the other press media that were brave enough to do so.[7] In that time, offices in Jakarta which had access to internet monitored DetikCom to get informed about the current events. This led to increment of DetikCom’s popularity as there were no internet-based news website in that time except Detikcom.

On May 30, 1998, DetikCom server was ready to be accessed but it became online with full features on July 9, 1998, thus this day is decided as the birth day of DetikCom. During early time, DetikCom office was located inside Lebak Bulus Stadium, Jakarta. In early time, DetikCom was struggling due to lack of internet infrastructure in Indonesia around 1998 until the 2000s. DetikCom reached its hardest time during year 2000-2001 where most the executives did not receive their salary for almost 6 months and the employees often got their salary by the following month.[7]

In 2004, Didi Nugrahadi, one of DetikCom’s founders resigned from Detik.[5]

On August 3, 2011, DetikCom was fully bought by Chairul Tanjung, the owner of CT Corp, with total price US$60 million from PT Agranet Multicitra Siberkom (Agrakom). After the acquisition, DetikCom operated under Trans Corp's Management with Drs Raden Suroyo Bimantoro as chief commissioner whom was also Indonesia Carrefour's chief commissioner at the time.[4][8]


DetikCom is divided by sites based on each topic. These are the list of the division sites:

  • detikNews ( contains news about politics and events
  • detikSport ( contains sports news
  • detikOto ( contains news and articles about automotive
  • detikHot ( contains news about gossip about celebrities and infotainment
  • detikInet ( contains news about technology
  • detikFinance ( contains news about economy and finance
  • detikHealth ( contains news and articles about health
  • detikTravel ( contains information and articles about travels and tourism
  • wolipop ( contains topics about woman’s lifestyle
  • detikFood ( contains collection of recipes of food and culinary
  • IklanBaris ( contains online classified ads where the users can put their own advertisements
  • blogdetik ( contains an online personal blog service where the users can put photos, videos, and articles on their personal blogs
  • detikforum ( a forum for detik users
  • suaraPembaca ( contains readers’ letter or opinion
  • detikTV ( contains news with online streaming videos
  • detikFoto ( contains articles about photography



  • Chief Commissioner: Drs Raden Suroyo Bimantoro[4]
  • Vice Chief Commissioner: Zainal Rahman[4]
  • Commissioner: Sutrisno Iwantono, Calvin Lukmantara[4]
  • Director: Abdul Rahman[4]
  • Vice Director: Budiono Darsono[4]
  • Sales and Marketing Director: Nur Wahyuni Sulistiowati[4]
  • Entertainment Director: Wishnutama Kusubandio[4]
  • Information Technology Director: Andry S Huzin[4]
  • Financial and Human Resource Director: Warnedy[4]

Editorial department

  • Editor-in-chief: Arifin Asydhad
  • Vice Editor-in-chief: Ine Yordenaya
  • Editorial board: Budiono Darsono, Iin Yumiyanti
  • Executive Editor: Nurul Hidayati
  • Managing Editor:
  1. Andi A. Sururi (detiksport)
  2. Is Mujiarso (detikhot)
  3. Ardhi Suryadi (detikinet)
  4. Indra Subagja (detiknews)
  5. Dadan Kuswaraharja (detikoto)
  6. Nurvita Indarini (detikhealth)
  7. Wahyu Daniel (detikfinance)
  8. Fitraya Ramadhanny (detiktravel)
  9. Odilia Winneke (detikfood)
  10. Ferdy Thaeras (wolipop)
  11. Dikhy Sasra (detikfoto)
  12. Gagah Wijoseno (Coverage Doordinator)
  13. Triono Wahyu S (Domestic/International Coverage Coordinator)
  14. Rachmadin Ismail (Head of Monitoring and Development Issues)