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a long time advocate of indie music I both promote and perform as Direwood (www.direwood.bandcamp.com).

Since 2010, the official live page of the one man many armed spiritual hip-hop of one Michael Patrick Couling.
(Flashing Red Airplane, Subshine, the Dredge, Annie Feed Water, Warren Commission, T'was, Mosho, Pastoma, Fishlift, Sno-Bo's Reggae Band)
An instinctive musician from the age of six, when he could already sing any tune he heard, Michael dominates the bass, drums, harmonica, kazoo, and keyboard.
He ruefully recalls the first album he bought with his own money: “Amy Grant—The Collection. That’s about as bad as it gets, and it’s been downhill ever since.”
Michael’s artistic influences are electic and sophisticated, from surrealism, to gothic horror, to Steinbeck.
Words of Wisdom from Michael: “If I knew the secret to what makes a song great, I’d go ahead and do that all the time.”
Hip-hop, dark rock ensemble using the technology of today to tap into stories lost in history. Low fi, reggae, rock, metal, hip hop, stew, it's all ghettotech and it's all Direwood.

Live, Direwood is a two man wrecking crew of Little Mic and DJ Hollow Life rocking out some pre-recorded beats, live beats, mayhem, backing tracks, wack dance moves, kazoos, chants to the Goddess, Pagan worship.
Band Interests
Rocking out, being creative on no budget, ghettoteching, getting crunk.
Artists We Also Like
Cry on Cue, Black Sabbath, Black Tommy, KORN, Leif Kolt, Tech 9ine, Cypress Hill, Saul Williams, Sage Francis, SAH, Clear Imag, Earth Burner,Brad Meyers. Windmill Music. Fugazi, Black Flag, Johnny Rotten, Tom Waits, Hall and Oates.

Where we play: House Parties, Pagan Churches, basements, not the bar. Art compounds.