DJMT Hostel

DJMT Hostel used to be a meeting place for local musicians. Today we have turned into a hostel in which main's theme are music and poetry and the spirit is freedom.

DJMT's Owner - Manager 'C.J.'(English speaker) is local guy who knows Xi’an perfectly as the hostel's staff. As a local expert, you'll be suggested to know the best spots in Xi'an, also to eat, to have fun and all info about night life and performances if you truly want to try a taste of the local life.

DJMT hostel is located only 15 minutes walking from the city center of Xi’an (Bell Tower). Guests can enjoy the quietness of staying right next to the ancient city wall and not far from the city centre, you will taste the traditional local life style as well.

Our rooms and dorms are decorated with the theme of those idealistic icons of the history such as Lennon, Bob Dylan, Jack Kerouak, Andy Warhol and so on. FREE WiFi , washing machine, self-kitchen, delivery and post services.

As music is our main theme, you will find instruments, lessons,sencond-hand market, handmade loft, language corner and café. We often play music on the roof, street, city wall and park, as part of our hostel's heart.

DJMT hostel is managed by a young team, university students and young volunteers. We are always keen to help you and have an armonious comunication with all our guests, Nice enviroment is always priority for us!