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Don Macho Robusto Sumatra · 5 × 50

Expertly designed to appeal to all manner of discriminating smokers, Don Macho Robusto Sumatra premium handmade cigars were created in the famed Camacho factory and slated to be yet another addition to the Camacho catalog of top-quality cigars. Built in a stout and stocky 5 x 50 size and featuring a medium-bodied strength profile full of traditional tobacco taste, the Don Macho Robusto Sumatra offers classic cigar style from a bold blend of premium Dominican and Honduran long-filler leaf. Finished with a rich, reddish EMS wrapper, the Don Macho Robusto Sumatra is packaged in nicely priced bundles of 25 cigars, making it a not-too-mild, not-too-strong selection for budget-savvy smokers searching for a true-blue, back-to-basics classic when buying premium handmade cigars online. [+]