Don Santiago Hostel

Tired of big hostels? Try us! 20 people hostel..
Why staying with us?

We are a million miles away from the business-like check-'em-in check-'em-out hostels. Staff is fantastically friendly and the house feels like staying in a home with friends where you can relax and play music with the guys there, or just listen to them play.

As travellers ourselves, we do know that staying a hostel is such a a life experience, we know we have hotel style mattresses in dorms and double beds. We do provide the best breakfast in town for just $2500 (3.5 USD) in our Coffee Shop. Menú as follows:

Sautéed tomatoes, mushrooms and zucchini, avocado slices, omelett seasoned with oregano and merkén (smoked chili pepper with toasted coriander seed) and sliced bread. Caffè Americano or tea. Fresh natural juice with basil, mint or ginger.

Toilets are cleaned everyday, maybe you will have to wait a bit when the house is full, but usually when people is having breakfast, the rest of people is showering, so it works well

We don`t push people to buy tours, seriously, Santiago is such a safe city, where you can go anywhere (wineries, beach, Valparaiso) by yourself, and we can get you instructions in order to make it cheaper. However, there are tours available, just ask. =)

Welcome to Don Santiago!
And remember, what happens in Don Santiago, stays at Don Santiago