Dr. Dionisio Dabu, MD

Dr. Dabu is a board certified family practice physician at the Long Beach office of Pioneer Medical Group. Fluent in both Filipino and Spanish, Dr. Dabu enjoys the opportunity to help his patients prevent illnesses and being able to interact with each person to find the best course of treatment.

Born and raised in the Philippines, as an asthmatic Dr. Dabu spent a large part of his childhood indoors or at the doctor's office, since there were no inhalers or medications available to treat his asthma. During those early years, Dr. Dabu developed strong relationships with his doctors and grew to admire them and their work.

Although his father wanted his son to pursue a law degree, Dr. Dabu knew that medicine was where his heart was. He attended medical school in the Philippines, completed his residency and went on to have a flourishing private practice. However, the rest of his family - his parents, five sisters and one brother - had immigrated to the United States and wanted him to join them. He eventually came to the U.S. and passed the California Board Exams so he could continue practicing medicine.

Dr. Dabu encourages his patients to live a healthy lifestyle, watch their diet, and exercise. Prevention is the best medicine. In addition to chronic conditions, Dr. Dabu is also interested in skin care and the treatment options that are available today. He is certified in Botox™ and Restylane™ treatment.

Dr. Dabu is married with two sons who are both active in school and sports. He spends his free time with his wife and children.