Dr. Ernesto Cortez, DO

Dr. Ernesto Cortez is one of the founding doctors of Pioneer Medical Group, and he has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years. A dedicated physician, Dr. Cortez takes interest in working closely with his patients to make sure they get the right resources and information about their individual conditions. His approach to patient care is deeply rooted in the cultural understanding of each of his patients, enabling him to deliver care that is appropriate and meaningful for each.

Dr. Cortez was born in Michoacán, Mexico. At the age of nine, he relocated with his parents and his brother to Santa Barbara, California, where his family worked as farm workers on a lemon orchard. He discovered his interest in medicine while taking science classes in high school. Determined to learn more about the medical field, he began volunteering at a local community clinic where he interacted with patients, learned to take vitals, conduct simple tests, and found mentorship under the wing of doctors and specialists. His volunteer experience inevitably motivated him to pursue a career as a physician.

He attended Santa Barbara Community College, and later transferred to the University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. Cortez finished medical school at Western University, College of Osteopathic Medicine in Pomona, California, completing his residency training at Highland General Hospital and Pacific Hospital in Long Beach.

Dr. Cortez likes to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. He especially enjoys running in his free time.