Dr. Jesse Stoff, MD

Internationally known in the field of medicine, Dr. Jesse Stoff is certified as a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist, and licensed as a medical doctor. As a clinical immunologist with Linchitz Medical Wellness (LMW), he is part of a team that offers an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to uncovering symptom causes. Emphasizing a patient-centered approach, he takes concrete steps toward helping people achieve sustained health and well-being. Dr. Jesse Stoff provides in-depth initial evaluations, assessing patient biochemical makeup and making recommendations based on the LVM's foundational Six Pillars of Vibrant Health. Dr. Stoff holds an MD from the New York Medical College and completed a fellowship in clinical medicine at the Bloomsbury Health Authority. Since 1988 he has guided the Stoff Institute for Medical Research, and he is a chief science officer with Scottsdale, Arizona-based Immune Biologics. He has maintained a longtime focus on research of bio-engineered lacteal complexes. Dr. Jesse Stoff has published numerous articles and books, and he is author of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Hidden Epidemic as well as The Prostate Miracle