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Dr. Lawrence M. Gerschel, MD

As founder of the Laurent & Alberta Gerschel Foundation Lawrence provided the seminal and follow-on investments for the establishment of new facilities and the research of the development of the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. This activity catapulted the institution into the leadership position in multifaceted-imaging and treatment of lung cancer and is now an accepted procedure used to manage this disease.

Dr. Gerschel was a founding member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and recruited the first director, Linda Evans. The concept initially was not only to preserve the memorabilia from the early days of Rock & Roll but to raise money to assist in the care and treatment of many of the early icons of this industry from a multitude of medical problems including AIDS and problems from addictions. The management of the foundation was subsequently taken over by prominent leaders of the record and music business.

More current activities include the formation of Andre Meyer Group. A venture capital/merchant banking group focused on the use of technology to address and resolve current business problems and create new and more profitable segments in target industries.

Among some of these projects is ARAXA, a software product set to enhance the abilities of "Wall Street" to enable more intelligent financial service solutions to assist traders in decision making and idea generation. Lawrence draws inspiration from his late grandfather Andre Meyer, a well known Wall St. investment banker.

Dr. Gerschel has also started to advise a new joint venture between MIT and Memorial Sloan Kettering. The venture is focused on bringing to market a new class of cancer fighting tools combining a newly developed carrier agent capable of selectively attaching itself to and attacking diseased cells while sparing the healthy tissues around cancerous cells.