Dr. Mazin K. Yaldo, MD

Dr. Yaldo's primary priorities are to provide quality care and great results to his patients. He is specifically focused on the following areas:

LASIK/LASEK: Dr. Yaldo performs LASIK surgery with four of the most advanced lasers that feature custom Wavefront technology. For patients with thin or flat corneas who do not qualify for LASIK, Dr. Yaldo often recommends LASEK surgery.


Cataract Surgery: Dr. Yaldo offers clear-corneal cataract surgery for a shorter recovery time and fewer post-operative restrictions. He also uses multifocal lens implants to restore clear vision and eliminate the need for glasses.

Cataract Surgery:

Other: Dr. Yaldo also offers implantable contact lenses for patients with severe myopia, as well as PresbyLasik, conductive keratoplasty, laser cornea reshaping and laser glaucoma treatment.

Other:  [1]