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Dr. Nancy A. Jeffers, MD

Dr. Nancy Jeffers is a Western trained physician as well as being educated in Naturopathic medicine in response to personally witnessing limitations and dangers with the way that Western medicine is generally practiced and has developed a preventative approach instead of overly relying on pharmaceuticals and surgery.   She uses several modalities to help bring about the restoration of balance, and a state of greater health and well-being:

Super-Pulsed Laser Acupuncture therapy, which can be helpful for injuries old and new, to relieve nerve and muscular pain, and speed healing by supplying photonic (light) energy which the cells absorb.  Thus stimulating the mitochondria to increase the production of ATP (the basic cellular energy unit), supplying the energy to fuel the process of the body naturally striving to assume a more healthful state.

She often prescribes Chinese Herbal Extracts which greatly amplify and complement the acupuncture and are particularly effective in treating disease, issues with digestion and elimination as well as severe anxiety/depression.

For many, Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) can be helpful not only in restoring balance of the endocrine system, but also have a pronounced rejuvenative effect on the entire body.  

Homeopathy provides another level of healing, working deeply at the essence of being which may be appropriate at some stage in a given course of treatment. 

Most clients experience a significant amount of immediate relief and then depending on the duration and seriousness of their condition, disorders and ailments are often eliminated, and/or symptoms significantly reduced to the point of being manageable.