Dr. Richard Jordan, MD

Dr. Richard Jordan became inspired to become a doctor by experiencing medical challenges within his own family as a child. As one of seven children, he witnessed his younger brother get struck by a car at the age of 5 and become a quadriplegic. His mother, a diabetic, had a kidney transplant by age 35. The family bonded together during these difficult times and Dr. Jordan appreciated the work of the medical teams that assisted his family.

After graduating from high school and becoming an EMT, Dr. Jordan set his sights on becoming a doctor. When Dr. Jordan completed his undergraduate studies at Loyola Marymount University, not only was he the first member of his family to receive a college degree, but he was the only person in his graduating class to be accepted to medical school.

Dr. Jordan received his medical degree from UCLA and began his career in the emergency room. He soon realized, however, that he would prefer to help patients be proactive in their health, helping them learn to prevent diseases and take better care of themselves. He is especially interested in helping the underserved and Hispanic population learn more about the complications of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions to help them to live a healthier life.

In his free time, Dr. Jordan likes to go mountain biking, hiking and camping and enjoys spending time with his two sons.