IQ Laser Vision staffs one of the nation's most trusted and experienced surgeons, Robert T. Lin, M.D. Dr. Lin is also the medical director of IQ Laser Vision and he utilizes the most advanced technology in LASIK procedures, including the new WaveFront CustomCornea MICRO-LASIK treatment. Dr. Lin is the innovator of the MICRO-LASIK procedure, a procedure that specializes in dealing with thin-flap corneas. Dr. Lin is one of the most sought after LASIK doctors in the Orange County and Los Angeles County areas. Many of his patients also travel to the Orange County and Los Angeles County areas from out-of-town in order to have their procedures done by Dr. Lin. Dr. Lin has specialized in refractive eye surgery since 1997 and has performed over 40,000 successful procedures performed and more than 10 years of experience, Dr. Lin continues to be one of the nation's most preferred professionals in the fields of LASIK eye correction and ophthalmology.