Dr. Russell F. Camhi, DO

Dr. Russell Camhi is a primary care sports medicine physician with extensive experience in sports medicine and athletic training. Dr. Camhi offers his patients a unique whole-body approach to healing focusing on nonoperative management of the following areas for active individuals:

• Accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of sports-related injuries• Helping patients obtain permanent pain relief• Delaying the need for surgery for those with chronic pain• Ultrasound guided injections including cortisone, hyaluronic acid and platelet-rich plasma• Hands-on approach to care through the use of osteopathic manipulative medicine• Musculoskeletal Dry Needling

Dr. Camhi offers medical services to athletes of all ages and sports focuses, as well as those patients who seek to participate in a more active lifestyle. His patients' health is his first priority, with a deep desire to assist his patients in experiencing long-term, full body improvements and optimal levels of health through activity.Each session with Dr. Camhi is customized to the individual patient and is focused on the entire functioning structure of the body. The objective of osteopathic practice is to discover the underlying cause of the pain and work toward diminishing it with natural pain relief techniques. Dr. Camhi provides hands-on techniques aimed at restoring normal alignment and function through the use of osteopathic manipulative medicine, or OMM. Instead of treating the pain on the surface, focusing on the cause allows patients to heal fully, without the need for surgery or over-the-counter pain medications.

MEDICAL TRAININGDr. Camhi is currently in the last year of his Family Medicine Residency due to graduate in June 2015. He is currently practicing out-patient medicine at Advanced Family Medicine (Bethpage, NY), as well as in-patient medicine at Plainview Hospital (Plainview, NY). For his final year of training he has been accepted to a Sports Medicine Fellowship starting in July of 2015 where he will be practicing at Advanced Family Medicine (Bethpage, NY) and Chelsea Sports Medicine (Manhattan, NY).


MEDICAL EDUCATION AND VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCESDr. Camhi earned his Bachelor's of Science in Athletic Training and Exercise Science from Ithaca College, and his Masters of Science in Sports Health Care at A. T. Still University in Arizona. Dr. Camhi also attended Midwestern University, Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine to earn his Doctor of Osteopathy degree. Dr. Camhi currently holds a New York State Medical License, and is board certified as an athletic trainer. In addition to a colorful medical career, Dr. Camhi has volunteered his time in numerous capacities, including sideline coverage of local high school athletics, providing professional development workshops to high school teachers, as well as assisting runners as part of the first line medical triage team for events such as the Ironman and the Rock N Roll Marathon in Arizona.


LONG ISLAND NATIVEDr. Camhi grew up on Long Island and has chosen to establish his practice here to serve the numerous diverse and growing communities. He enjoys all outdoor activities and exploring the world through activity with his wife and two sons.