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What is Success? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it recognition for perfecting your craft? Whatever it is, up and coming California based Hip Hop artist Everest is after it. A performer since the age of 5, Everest has never been one to shy away from the spotlight.

Over the years Everest was constantly exposed to music and hails from a long line of musicians. From songwriting, to producing, from singing, to recording, necessity has at times been the key component to Everest's versatility. "Growing up I always needed beats and never felt I had enough, so eventually, I started making my own". This sort of adaptability is rare and can surely be attributed to an environment full of obstacles and setbacks. Raised in a household plagued with domestic violence and alcohol abuse, the young artist turned to the streets looking for an escape. After his incarceration at the age of 19, Everest dedicated his life to music and is now closer than ever to superstardom. Music is an art in constant evolution, those that thrive within it posses a grit, determination and work ethic second to none. If you can attain these characteristics then you may be able to achieve something only a few dare to pursue, the one thing Everest has been in search of his entire life, the one thing he believes he is destined for, GREATNESS. [+]