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Dust on the Radio

Dust on The Radio builds on the sonically innovative new wave and post-punk eras, when classic rock was no longer a sacred cow and bands were constantly reinventing the beast. The five piece ensemble's newest EP, Halfway to the Stars, is in many ways a blast from the present - finding its niche somewhere between the sparkling modern production of Broken Bells and the rhythmic intelligence of the Talking Heads.
Formed in 2009, the band shed its gothic Americana skin and forged a new identity with a more energetic rock sound. After the release of a few demos, they linked up with producer Ethan Allen (Gram Rabbit, The 88, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), who channeled the band's raw energy into the tight arrangements found on Halfway to the Stars. Allen's guidance helped the band grow sonically and allowed their new songs to truly reflect their collective presence, a mix of raw ambition and principled exploration.
The record's title captures the energy, optimism and aspirations of Los Angeles, the city that brought them together from all corners of the United States. Lifted from the closing song, "One Way Trip to Mars", the title invokes the band's ongoing adventure - a band of nerds with a dark sense of humor exploring the perils of the unknown. As principal songwriter Chris Williams said, "We want listeners to feel the same the cathartic elation that we feel when we play... or at least give them an antidote for kinetic urban life." [+]