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Dylan Golden & Golden State of Mind

Dylan Golden is a Hip-hop artist born and raised in Miami Fl, However Dylan Recently moved to Harlem New York in October of 2012 and more recently is living in Brooklyn to continue his quest on accomplishing his goals, while living out the "American Dream." Dylan first started rapping when he was 12 years old when he bought his first album Nas "God Son", but it wasn't until he performed for his entire Middle School at the annual talent show where he really found his passion for performing. Dylan has been working on his newest project #GOLDEN, which is set to release summer 2014. He recently released "Treasures of the Heart" (a free Lp) which was released March of 2013. Dylan has already released four music videos for the project, which include "Life is Golden" Ft. Keilah Rose, the title track "Treasures of the Heart", the hit single “Drive” and the acclaimed thought provoking banger “Screwed over”, which whom Womazing.com expressed "This is ART. Dylan Golden is a unique artist that really incorporates the artistry in his music. Don’t sleep on this guy." Dylan has performed all over Miami Fl, and is now performing in many different New York venues. Dylan Golden describes his music as “Hip hop music that frees the soul. Good vibrations, different, dope, innovative, creative, skilled, positive, motivating, and powerful. Basically take the entire sub genre of Hip-hop, mix them in a pot full of your grandmothers best homemade soup and I'm pretty much what you get”. Dylan Golden Has been branding his movement G.$.M (Golden State of Mind) which has gained an abundance of support and positive reinforcement.