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Eems - Ipad Loop Artist

“Let’s just have fun” . This is the law with Eems. Eems is a singer/rapper/songwriter/musician but what sets him apart from other artist is one small thing: his iPhone. Eems delivers his show completely from his iphone whether it be his keyboard, which is powered via his iPhone, creating a live loop production, or even some cool vocal effects. It’s all created solely through his iPhone (talk about having too much free time!)

Eems started playing the instruments, drums and piano, at a very early age and later moved on to rapping and singing. He completely produces and engineers his on music as well as shoots and edits his music videos. He has performed in multiple major venues in his city as well as worked with many nationals acts, writing , producing, or featuring.

You never know what your going to get on stage from Eems as he weaves in and out of his set list while occasionally doing improv. He likes to “play off the crowd” and make sure they have a great time. There’s one thing for sure… Eems is bigger than music. He is entertainment! [+]