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El Flowious

El Flowious' music can be described as Contemporary World with an attitude. An instrumental mix of Ethnic, Progressive, New Age, and Electronica, El Flowious ties these genres together in a way that is familiar yet fresh at the same time. Songs like "Under the Eastern Sky", and "The World Awaits" take the listener back in time to ancient Asia, then gently blends into modern form. The house pounding pulse of "CRS" will slap you in the face, while "Reality Grooves" sets you into upbeat Electronica chill mode. From the orchestrated progressive rock CD opener "A Question of Reason" to the peaceful piano of "The Kindness of Stranger", this album covers a lot of musical ground. Flowie has now put together a band of musicians that are second to none. "I always wanted to be playing with people that are better musicians than I am. A group that will challenge me to improve my game, and grow". And that he has certainly done. "The live takes of these songs are really something else. There's this awesome Jam feel now added to the music. I opened the door for the band to be the Artist that they are. I want them to have real input, and show there own creativity, and interpretation of the songs." With Josh Betschart on Drums - Keith Blevin on Keys and Electric Violin - Kiley Graham on Violin and Percussion , and Luke Oschenbien on Guitar.

El Flowious is also dedicating 2/3 of his profits from CD and download sales to charitable causes for children. "Here For A Reason is so much more than just tracks of my music. It is part of a realization that I and everyone else on this planet are here to do something. I believe that not only am I here to compose and perform music, but to make a difference in the world. I am choosing to make a difference by donating tow-thirds of all profits from the sale of this CD (and Downloads) to three charities that help children. It is my beliefe that if we help the children of the world today, tomorrow will be brighter for everyone." See elflowious.com/hereforareason for more info. [+]